Embodying Gratitude to Make it Big

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Looking back on my life, with all the struggles, the hi-highs and the lo-lows…

My heart is literally bursting with gratitude. And so, I write…

I am so grateful for my hands with which I type this note…with which I brushed my teeth this morning, with which I ate my yummy watermelon cubes…with which I close the door, or turn the faucet on…with which I tuck myself into bed every night, under the soft pink covers…

Man, I’m so in love with my hands LOL. Can you tell?! :’)

I mean, which prosthetic can ever do what a human hand does, given to us for free by The One Who Designed us?

I am so grateful to have a safe home when millions fear the next airstrike.

I am so, so incredibly grateful for my parents, who are both alive.

I am so grateful I have eyes to see the light of my Most Beautiful, Most Loving, Most Generous Lord. My Allah.

I am so grateful for my two legs with which I can walk freely, without any dependence.

I am so grateful to do what I love and to have such beautiful, awe-inspiring friends and big sisters!

I am so grateful to have a shot, dude…a chance at this thing called life…to make a difference, to put a smile on a precious child’s face…to live, to love, to matter.

Oh, and man, I am SO grateful for books!!! And YouTube…and Tom Bilyeau, Brendon Burchard…Oprah Winfrey and Marie Forleo and all of these uhhh-mazing, incredible humans that are not afraid to be different, to break free from the mold, to carve out their own legacies. #FreeEducation

Gratitude = increase in blessings. It’s a simple formula. I remember hearing Oprah saying it changed her life when she started practicing her 5 thank-yous everyday. That reminds me, this universal law has been stated in the Quran, revealed over 1400 years ago ❤

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.'” (Quran 14:7)

Important to note here, Allah (God) Did not say …”If you deny (are ungrateful), I will punish you severely…”

He simply reminded us of the perks of gratitude directly connected to the increase in favors.

However, He Did Create everything in pairs, and humans choose pleasure or pain for themselves.

The choice is yours. What will you decide?

Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

When You Miss A Golden Opportunity

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

My curiosity propels me to dive into the deepest of oceans and find…only the truth.

When I discover something that claims to be ‘life-changing’, I experiment and apply it to my own life.

Then, when it miraculously works for me, I share it with the world to be freeee! (that rhymes…poetry is truly the language of the soul, dude!)

OK, so the point here is – I’ve personally confirmed that energy is everything. You’ll see some really cool posts coming up on light, sound and E=mc^2. Anyway

As I put this post together, I am sharing energy with ya’ll. And you’ll give me that energy with your feedback 🙂

If an opportunity is meant for you, and your energy did not match it, it will pass you- like a stop on the train!

But, because of Our Creator’s Infinite Generosity, what goes around, comes around! The earth is round, constantly spinning…

So, do not despair! When your energy matches this dream of yours, the opportunity (in your best interests for your character development) will find you.

What you seek is seeking you…a.k.a. the original ‘law of attraction’: you attract what you are!

So, my dearest friend, keep working on that inner glow and glowing people, places and things will move in…right next door 😉

Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

Letting Go to Find Your Path

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! Sometimes, it seems that life is a maze full of riddles…

Instead of resisting so hard to every twist and turn, submitting like a drop of water in the river is what allows you to access the next dimension in existence.

Submitting makes you a part of something greater.

But, what are you submitting to?

Just like your brain submits before your heart, you submit yourself to the ‘universe’ – the One Song of all the worlds…you submit to your Creator.

The next time you feel that things aren’t going your way, you stress yourself out over a number, or you lose something really important…practice the art of submission – letting go to The Will of The All-Knowing. 

Who knows? You might get to have your cake and eat it too. Our Creator is The Most Generous too, you know 🙂

With the Utmost Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

P.S. There was an internet issue, so I wasn’t able to publish this last night. Stay tuned for today’s post too 🙂 #doublewhammy!

Hope Is What We’re Made From

“And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay…” (Quran 23:12)

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! Here’s a short lesson we all need on hope.

It’s never too late to change your path, to eat healthier, to release extra weight, to starve your ego, to love harder, to live better…

Where’s the proof?

Well, it’s in what we’re made of. Clay.

As kids, play-doh (and now, slime…) was one of the coolest things in our backpacks.


We could change it into any shape or form. It could go this way or that. It could shrink or expand…man, could it expand!

A lesson I learned way later, way after the ‘good-ol’ play-doh days is that we are the same.

We, as humans, are made of a kind of play-doh, too. Clay.

We have the power to change its shape and form – with effort.

Just like the effort we made to push and pull the soft, squishy ball of dough.

So the next time we claim that it’s too hard, or too big of a dream, or too high of a jump, let’s pause to remember.

We can push ourselves upwards to meet every challenge. We’re made of clay.

That’s why, right after Allah Mentions the rubric for people entering the highest heaven, Jannatul Firdaws, He Follows up with:

“And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay.” (Quran 23:12)

So don’t you dare think it’s impossible, or it was made for people better than you.

Those people pushed and pulled themselves in every which way. They understood that they were made of clay.

So can you.

P.S. Our hearts are filled with gratitude at the thought that our Creator Designed us to evolve over time – for the better.

Not only are our brains malleable, but so is everything else.

With Endless Love & Hope,

Just Mishi

The Secret to Self-Confidence

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! The secret’s out.

If you want to make yourself more confident, make a promise to…you.

Then, keep it.

Then, repeat.

Keeping your promises to yourself, and then celebrating those small (and big!) wins is the sure-fire key to self-confidence.

After watching the Ed Mylett episode on Impact Theory, I became grateful…but in a different way.

I became grateful to Allah (God) for Graciously Allowing me achieve a small goal I set.

Whether it’s only eating after 3pm, drinking 64oz of water or no more rice…my heart is bursting with gratitude that I actually did it! By God’s Infinite Grace.

Start small, and make steady progress.

Go the extra mile. Instead of 64oz, get to 67oz. Do 17 minutes instead of just 15 in the gym.

It’s these “atomic habits” that will help build your confidence. It’s these “atomic habits” that will help build your legacy.

If the formula for success is missing one part, your effort, it won’t yield results. Simple math.

So get up, do the work, be more confident.

Finally, dedicate your life to helping others see that they can do it, too.

Time on earth is precious, and time on earth is short.

Let’s make this world a better place by bettering ourselves – everyday. Boost your confidence with this simple practice today.

P.S. Did the formula work?! Looking forward to your comments 🙂


Just Mishi

Link to Impact Theory Episode! Love Tom B.’s episodes.

How To Gain Power When You’re Oppressed

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! Quick note – I almost forgot about today, but we have to keep this up.

We attended a rally on Long Island to have our voices heard against the oppression and injustice in Palestine.

If the violence and extreme bloodshed in the world pushes you (like it did to me) to really want to change the world for the better, here are 5 steps how:

  1. Sincerely seek forgiveness from Allah (One & Only God) so your earnest tears can clean the “windows” …reflect.
  2. Be incredibly grateful for the countless favors of Allah on us that we did nothing to deserve. Rather, we have a heavy responsibility. May Allah Make it easy.
  3. Leave a bad habit (or a few or many) for the sake of Palestine, or any noble cause in which you are on the side of the oppressed.
  4. Add a good habit into the mix, and do not miss prayers – even if it’s during a protest…especially when it’s during a protest!
  5. Finally: Protest by using your talents to speak up against injustice! Whether you’re a graphic designer, a web developer, a writer, an artist, or something else, let’s represent! Protest with your $$$ where it hurts and boycott all Zionist companies and supporters of the apartheid state of Israel.

Following these steps, and making the effort for better, Allah Has Guaranteed our victory. Remember: United we stand, Divided we fall.

History repeats itself…the same Muslims who were oppressed in Makkah ended up conquering the empires of Persia and ROME…but only when they changed themselves.

“What you seek is seeking you.” Be sincere! Memorize the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s prayer during one of the harshest times of his life:

“They buried us in their greed! They didn’t know we were…SEEDS.”


Just Mishi

Your Ordinary Human Girl

How to Lose Weight and Fly!

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! It’s me again 🙂 We’re meeting each other pretty often these days – oh wait, it’s literally everyday…Muahahaha! So let’s begin.

This past Ramadan, I was blessed to be able to do a solitary retreat – a 1:1 with God for about 9 days. It was…life-changing, to say the least. When I began socializing with my family on the night before Eid, it felt like I came down from Paradise onto the earth. Even now, I cry – missing those breathtaking nights when I never felt alone.

The key to unlocking who you truly are – the light that lights the worlds – is dropping the mask of the ego. Lose that weight, baby!

It is a life-long struggle. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called it the greater jihad (such a misinterpreted Arabic word that actually means struggle) to fight against your lower self…your base desires, your ego.

Everyone…every single creature on earth who has ever hurt you…let them free.

Drop your ego and forgive them, without expectation.

Drop your ego and forgive them, for the sake of Allah (the one & only God of all the worlds).

Guess what’ll happen next?

The secret formula for human flight will be revealed to…you.

When you breathe out, the first one who benefits from releasing the air is who? You.

Let it go. Let it all go.

Then, make sure to share the secret with me! Obviously 🙂

We are truly all in this together. I love reading your comments and messages! If there’s anything you’d like to share, feel free to email me at: mishcanchange@gmail.com.

A self growth + “weight loss” coaching service is on the horizon – my ultimate dream is to motivate people around the world to unlock the infinite potential within! Stay tuned for updates – in sha Allah (God Willing!) :)))

P.S. After personal reflection, I strongly believe the Allama Iqbal poem that’s famously touted by south-Asian parents world-wide to advocate for higher education, graduate school, etc. is talking about letting go of your ego.

Becoming like a bird.

Not anchoring yourself to the ground with any material weights. It is only then that you will truly become the miraculous human being you were always born to be!


Just Mishi

Your Ordinary Human Girl

On Gifts: To Give Is To Receive

The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, ‘exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.’


Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Here I am, sitting in my best friend’s house – pausing our tea-time so I can fulfill this promise to all of you.

Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks is for Our Most Generous God, alone.

Yesterday, I sliced through an unfamiliar brown box. A package had been delivered to our door.

Suddenly, a beautiful aquamarine gift box came into view. Along with it was a brilliant eyeshadow palette.

Joy tickled me silly like the warmth of the summer sun, because I realized I was not the one to order it. Someone must have sent it over!

It turns out my beautiful little sister with her humongous heart had ordered it.

Action point: Right then, I pledged to myself to randomly send cute little gifts to the people I love.

Give, and you shall receive. Give what you want to receive – whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual.

Unexpected surprises like this are the best! Someone thought of me? It warms your heart! And so, it should teach us to warm others’ hearts so we open ourselves to receive the infinite joy that awaits…:)

P.S. Story-time! About a year ago, I gifted a dear sister a feather cuff. For our Eid holiday this year, I received the same beautiful and unique cuff from another beloved sister – totally unexpectedly! Subhan Allah! All Glory is for God, Alone – who inspires us to do good, to reach for the inner goodness inside.

Love (until tomorrow – God Willing!),

Just Mishi

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Peace be upon you, you beautiful human being! Quick Fun Fact: Did you know you have an infinite universe of potential inside of you? That your heart-mind connects to space-time?

If I’m understanding it right…that means you are one of the most powerful agents of change that exists! Allah (Arabic name for The One & Only God) empowered you, wee human… with these extra-special superpowers that no other creation has!

You are your only limit, no exceptions.

OK, so now that you are armed with this belief, I’m gonna spill the beans – you can literally do anything.

Like, build-a-world-changing-multi-billion-dollar-business-change-history-for-the-better-but-also-be-in-time-for-family-cuddles anything.

Why am I bringing this up? Because yesterday, I was about to give up. I was running away from a project I had dreamed about because excuses, excuses, excuses. It’s taking too long, I’m not getting results fast enough, it’s not exciting enough, etc.

Until a trusted mentor shared with me some golden advice – your journey is totally in your control. If you don’t like something, change it! Overhaul the system! But don’t give up on everything and run away! Then, you’ll only live a half-life of unfulfilled dreams and endless regrets. Persevere. You got this!

So, I made some promises to myself.

I promise to finish what I start. I promise to be consistent. I promise to never get attached to results, but keep sharing the message like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did – the results are in Allah, The Most Loving’s Hands.

And I promise to never, ever, ever give upnot on a project – but on myself. For a moment, I forgot about my superpower and it made me physically sick from the stress.

Now, a reminder for me and for us all:

You know when the caterpillar struggles the most? Right when it’s about to become a butterfly! In sha Allah – God Willing :)))

Don’t you know yet? It’s your light that lights the worlds!

P.S. Here are some resources for changing your mindset, positive thinking and how to attract what you would like to achieve!


P.P.S. The Law of Attraction is The Law of Belief + Effort – you attract what you believe is possible, so believe that everything good is possible! Make a pure effort to make this world a better place, and you will – God-Willing.

Inspired by Seth Godin, I will be doing the one blog post a day challenge from today onwards! I journal anyway, and I strongly feel it’s time to share it with the world!

The Biggest Lessons of 2020 Are Here.

On the eve of the New Year, I sit down to reflect. Here’s to the best year yet, guaranteed.

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! Brimming to the core, with such raw potential…it’s breathtaking! So, it’s New Year’s Eve and naturally, your time to reflect on everything that has been. Your time to carve out the vision for your life, moving forward. Here, I’ll go first…

Wow. What a year. It seems surreal that we are here, together, as the sun sets on the last day of 2020. My heart aches for the tremendous losses that we have suffered, and yet…it beats with renewed hope for what seems to be the best chapter yet.

Looking back at how massively my life has changed over the last twelve months, I have to share some secrets…especially since no year has ever had such a tremendous impact on my quarter-century-career-of-being-a-human. I’ll try to keep it short, but you know how it goes… (phD thesis incoming…!!!)

P.S. If there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s that life’s way, way too short to not start trying these right away!

The most transformative lesson for me has been…

Quran 14:7

1. Gratitude = Abundance.

This formula has been spelled out by The Most Generous Lord, Al-Kareem, Allah, Who Never Gets Tired of Giving. Start being grateful and watch the miracles unfold…

And of course, your Lord will give you so much that you will be pleased. (Quran 93:5)

Out of gratitude for all of your blessings, add service to creation into the mix.

Allah helps the servant as long as he helps his brother. (Sahih Muslim)

Want God Himself to be your business partner? Do this:

  1. Do the math. Figure out the % and who will get what in case the business is dissolved.
  2. Promise to never, ever, ever!!! betray one another (if working with a human partner)
  3. Think of + implement a way for human beings to benefit from your business…whether that means creating jobs for people in desolate lands, or making a product that reminds people of their true purpose.

This was the advice of Junaid Jamshed (may Allah Have Mercy on him)…who, after quitting being a famous musician for Allah, was left with no money.

He started his clothing business in such desperate conditions, and was given these gems by Mufti Taqi Usmani.

Now, he passed away in 2016, and yet, his clothing outlets…the business with just a good intention…has spread to all corners of the globe, South Africa included! Allahu Akbar! Allah Truly Is Greater.

There’s the miracle potion to your super-hero self…practically eternal youth, all the riches you can imagine, super-brain power…I’m not kidding. This is the exact recipe given to us by The Creator of all of Existence, 1441 years ago!

Dr. Joe Dispenza is all about this philosophy, when he discusses your role in “creating your future.” Remember, Allah Helps those who help themselves! Take control of your situation, today.

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

Quran 13:11

Change your mindset to one of gratefulness…for all the infinite, innumerable favors given to you. Would I be able to write this article if I didn’t have hands? Would prosthetic limbs do the job just as well? Reflect.

Not only does gratitude bring an increase in favors, like financial abundance…it takes your relationships to the next level. I mean, it literally changes your brain.

To Do: Start gratitude journaling, now. Before you go to sleep, reflect on one thing you are truly grateful for…from the heart. Something you might not think about often…something you take for granted…like your hands!

There, start now.

Make it a habit, 5 min. every night before bed…and 5 min. when you wake up in the a.m.

Watch your life, and your brain (literally) change. Just sharing the gems. Learn, earn, return…you know what they say. Alhamdulillah. TabarakAllah!

2. Be like an orange. Yup. You read that right.

“Not equal are the good deed and the bad deed…

Repel evil by that which is better, and then the one who is hostile to you will become as a devoted friend.

…But none is granted it except those who are patient and none is granted it except one having a great fortune.” (Quran 41:34-35)

There’s that word we love to see! Fortune! If you’re on the hunt for fortune, remember: be like an orange! As A. Helwa shares in her absolutely life-changing book, you have to change what is inside of you…the variable you can control. Be like an orange, my dear. When squeezed harshly or softly, you still overflow with orange juice.

You know what I learned this year? Forgiving those who insult you is the bare minimum. But next level, good-fortune character is “repelling evil with that which is better,” as the Quran advises us.

That means showing kindness and love to those who hurt you. Wish them nothing but the best, albeit on your separate ways. Don’t let ’em get to ya.

Who knows how much they are hurting…

The next time someone insults you and you respond…look back at your reaction. Was it like an orange? Or was it a bitter melon?

Look in the mirror, fix the inside.

Heal yo’self.

Be an orange, baby.

3. Try new things! Jump! Just do it.

One of the top regrets of human beings across the globe seems to be living a life that was too routine…too boring.

So, I say, break free from the shackles! Try new things!

Unveil that innate curiosity.

Feeling stuck with work or your relationships?

Go explore nature, paint the sunset, revive that love of calligraphy, belt out those glass-shattering tunes, scuba-dive…or sky-dive, write that book, start that business, back-pack to the other end of the globe, dude!

Or it could be as simple as changing your diet, or just…

Read, read, read! (IQRA)

Stretch the horizons of your mind. That’s how you prevent Alzheimer’s.

There’s such less time, and so, so much to learn!

Open. your. mind.

Just do it already!

You’ll always regret what you didn’t do. This is your sign. YES. You will succeed.

Just do it.

Read, read, read! Never stop learning, never stop asking why! Don’t get caught up in the pay-yo-bills-eat-yo-pills biz. 

Think the creativity has dried up? My dear, the water does not flow until…

You turn the faucet on!

Submit to that calling, way more powerful than anything else.

OK, so quick summary:

  • Be grateful + be of service (time + material goods): key to abundance. journal!!! (Power of the Pen)
  • One good intention is like a seed of corn: key to limitless blessings
  • Renew your intentions everyday: re-align your focus to your #1 goal
  • Be like an orange to all you meet: character is tested when you’re insulted
  • Never stop trying new things: Read, read, read! Take the leap! Get out of your pay-yo-bills-eat-yo-pills routine.
  • Positive vibes only, without a single doubt: your prayers have been answered. The future you want already exists. Alhamdulillah! All Praise and Thanks to Allah, The One Love…The Pure Love.
  • True Happiness = Service + Gratitude = Meaning of Life = Healing You = Healing the World

And the secret of secrets? Well, the secret, my dear, is to just…

Keep going.

When you make a mistake, don’t think…Oh, I’m such a failure, I keep making the same mistake. Fail better.

Think: I got through it before, I can do it again now. I’m made out of clay, and clay is, by it’s very nature…malleable. Here’s proof. Your Creator Said So.

When the high-hi’s fade, despite the low-lo’s, and everything in between…

Don’t you dare give up.

Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds!


Alarm: Life’s too short to stay pinned to the ground by these weights. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve your flight to the heavens! Let go of all that holds you down!

Leave that doubt – down on the ground, where it belongs.

Fly, my beautiful butterfly! Don’t hold yourself back!

See it, believe it, achieve it! The best days of your life await:

Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.” (Quran 93:4)

You can do and be anything you wish to be!

It is time.

Go. Fulfill your destiny. 

P.S. What you seek is seeking you…(there’s the “law of attraction” in a nutshell).

To Our Most Successful Year in Existence.


Just Mishi

Your Ordinary Human Girl

Put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those that trust [in Him]. (Quran 3:159)